Whys is Netflix removing Christian movies?

Fact check: Why is Netflix removing Christian movies?

You have heard Netflix is removing Christian movies? Additionally, the question “ Why is Netflix removing Christian movies” arise. No worries! This article will explain it. There is a report circulating about Netflix to remove Christian movies. It is a rumor that Christian movies that are now available, Netflix may pull them off the service. Is it true that Netflix will take down all of its films that pertain to Christianity, other religions, and spirituality? If such is not the case, what is the origin of this rumor? Is Netflix really going to stop carrying movies that adhere to Christian beliefs, or has everything just been misunderstood? Let’s know why is Netflix removing Christian movies.

Why does Netflix not provide access to Christian movies anymore?

It is incorrect that Netflix is censoring its app to exclude Christian films in a discriminatory manner as some claim. The Faith and Spirituality section of the app continues to dedicate a sizeable percentage of its content. To depictions of Christianity in movies and on television. As Netflix is constantly adding and removing content. So, it is entirely possible that Netflix will remove some Christian movies at some point in the future. Netflix stated in an interview with USA Today that the company has no plans to remove Christian movies from its streaming service when the subject was brought up again.

Who did originate the rumor regarding “Netflix to remove Christian movies”?

This assertion was reportedly made public for the first time on the satirical news website NewsThump. The hoax article, which got published in 2016, carried the misleading headline “Netflix to remove all Christian movies after receiving complaints from Muslims.” According to the report, Netflix took a decision to stop streaming any movies or television shows that deal with Christian topics. Especially, these shows and movies include “the 1990 smash hit Nuns on the Run.”

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Despite the fact that the piece got published almost seven years ago. And is obviously intended as ironic, the myth continues to spread. Furthermore, it appears that there is no basis in reality for it. There is no indication from Netflix to remove Christian movies and shows. The Nuns on the Run podcast, on the other hand, is not available through the service any longer.

What Facebook says about “Why is Netflix removing Christian movies?”

According to a Facebook post, the rumor received widespread distribution. Netflix is rumored to remove all Christian movies, television programs, and specials from its streaming service. On March 19, a text post on Facebook received more than 400 shares declared that “Netflix removes all Christian movies.” 

In another variant of the story, one person asserted that beginning on March 30th, all “Christian and Biblical content” would be removed from the website. USA TODAY has asked the people who use Facebook for their feedback. In 2016, a claim that was meant to be sarcastic was made.

When the rumor was widespread, Netflix answered for “Why is Netflix removing Christian movies?”. In a statement that was provided to USA TODAY, Netflix assured the publication that it has no plans to remove Christian movies from its streaming service.

How did all this rumor start and end?

The assertion that Netflix is getting rid of all content related to Christianity originated from a spoof article titled “Netflix to remove all Christian content after complaints from Muslims” that was published on the website News Thump on March 29, 2016. The article was dated March 29, 2016.

Reality of website spreading the rumor: 

  • The website of News Thump bears the heading “UK Spoof News and Satire” at the very top.
  • The company’s goal statement reads “to mock absolutely everyone, eventually.” 
  • In addition, the disclaimer states, “We never let the truth ruin a funny story (it’s much easier just to make everything up),”
  • That “We are not afraid to skip a few procedures” such as authenticating facts or corroborating sources.
  • To be perfectly clear, you are not obligated to take any of the accounts that you read on this website as true.

According to the findings of Media Bias/Fact Check, the website News Thump, which is based in the United Kingdom and was launched in 2010, claims to be a satirical publication. 

End of the rumor:

A check on the Netflix website revealed that the “Faith & Spirituality” section is still operational and available for users to browse through and watch content from. There are no credible reports that the streaming service has removed Christian material, as this topic has not been covered in the news.

People Magazine reports that on March 26, 2019, a film that will debut on the streaming service will be released about a Christian summer camp that assists a troubled child. 

Wrap up: 

The claim that “Why is Netflix removing Christian movies” proves untrue by the findings of our inquiry. Despite the claim that was made in 2016 on a satirical website, Netflix has said that it will not be removing any programming that has a Christian perspective. According to the results of a search, the Netflix section labeled “Faith and Spirituality” is still operational. 

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