Shopping app Getir pays $1.2B for Gorillas

This week, there were more layoffs. Ingrid wrote about Primer, a U.K.-based e-commerce infrastructure startup that said

it would lay off one-third of its staff as part of a restructuring to deal with current and future business market conditions.

Haje thinks you need the perfect summary slide for your pitch deck and has found some for you (this requires a TechCrunch+ subscription).

Going dark: Kirsten says that the leaders of Brodmann17, a new company that works on computer vision technology,

 decided to shut down when they realised they couldn't get their products to market. What do you feel like?

$19 million in new funding to bring its AI-powered symptom checker to the U.S. Putting that dollar to work:

Akros Technologies, which raised $2.3 million in new capital to add artificial intelligence to asset management.

Getir was one of the first firms to test the quick commerce model with venture capital backing from Sequoia and Tiger Global.