Baby whose parents refused vaccinated blood undergoes heart surgery

A 6-month-old baby whose parents declined lifesaving heart surgery using Covid-19-vaccinated blood was operated on in New Zealand.

The kid, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, will be under court protection until he recovers from surgery.

According to court documents, the court designated two doctors to oversee surgery and blood administration.

Court takes baby's guardianship after parents refuse vaccinated blood for heart surgery.

The baby's congenital heart condition required urgent open heart surgery, but his parents insisted on using only unvaccinated Covid-19 blood.What do you feel like?

Sue Grey, the parents' lawyer, said they texted her Friday to say the surgery was over and their son was doing well.Putting that dollar to work:

The baby's parents prohibited doctors from drawing blood for testing, performing a chest X-ray, or assessing anaesthesia, RNZ reported.

The case has drawn attention to the ramifications of vaccine misinformation two years into global inoculation drives.