Songs About Dreams

Top 9 new Songs About Dreams in 2023

It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician or not, we all have dreams that we’d like to see
come true. There are Songs About Dreams for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fun song
about a dream or a serious song about a dream, there’s a song for you.

Caught In A Dream” – Alice Cooper

If you like Journey’s Songs About Dreams True”, you’ll enjoy “Dream On”, another heavy rock
song from this list. It was Certain in the 1971 album Love It to Death. It’s possible that the dream
in this song is like what many of us can say we want. He gives a song about his dreams Someone
has had a dream that has come true, and this is a song about it. It wouldn’t be that much longer
after this song came out that Alice Cooper’s dreams would come true.

Dreaming of You” by Selena

A Songs About Dreams sing by the Mexican American singer Selena Quintanilla Perez . A song
that is special because of how dreamy Selena’s voice sounds but also because it was the song that
she recorded for her final album which was Move after her tragic death. A beautiful song that
captures the innocence of falling in love with someone. Selena brings people back to a time
when video calls and text messages did not exist and we only had our imaginations to fuel our
dreams of the one we hope are dreaming of us as well.

Songs About Dreams is Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House

The narrator describes his and his friend’s challenges in this 1986 song. He warns that even
though outside forces will try to build walls between them.

I am Only Sleeping’ by The Beatles

John Lennon wrote a song called “I’m Only Sleeping” in tribute to staying in bed with the
Beatles. This is not a song that is about being lazy. Instead, it was Lennon’s commentary on the
frenetic pace of the world and his preference to stay in bed to keep an eye on the world going by
his window. He was a god and couldn’t go anywhere without getting noticed, so his reluctance to
go outside might have been to avoid being spot by the public.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by Green Day

The song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” Songs About Dreams was added to Green Day’s album
American Idiot, which was release in 2004 and is classifie as an alternative rock opera. In this
song, the lead vocalist and guitarist for Green Day express his regrets about the past, and The
music video has an eerie, almost dreamlike air to it, as well as this. This song is more about the
dreams one has when awake than the ones they have while asleep. Not achieving one’s dreams
may feel as disappointing as having one’s dream dashed. The process of describing how the main
character of the rock opera feels about being alone is help by this song. This song could convey a
personal message from the lead singer of the band.

When You Believe, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey

There can be miracles when you believe in yourself. It’s difficult to kill hope, though it is frail.
Who knows what miracles you can make happen? Somehow, you will believe when you believe.
Songs About Dreams, which is part of the official soundtrack for the Dreamworks animated film
Prince of Egypt, features two of the biggest personality in the music industry. Listeners have
faith that whatever they want to achieve is within their reach. The song is full of encouragement
to never give up on your dreams.

Growing her Wings” by Lauren Alaina

Growing up can be hard. But there’s so much more in life to explore and so many things to learn.
When we’re young, we dream about the person we’ll become. As we grow older, we can do
more than So imagine that.

All I Have To Do Is Dream by Everly Brothers

The rock song is about a guy who is sad that he is not with his loved one. He finds comfort in a
single thing and that is to bridge the distance between them. As soon as she missed a day or
night, he began to dream that she was next to him. His strategy is not going to last forever. He’s
going to be distress.

Imagine – John Lenon

Imagine is more than So a Songs About Dreams and hope, it is an anthem for all humanity. The
chorus of this wonderful song has sung at the top of their lungs by many people. Everyone who
is at least 60 years old knows it and has felt it and made it their own at some point in their lives.
The song has lyrics that are full of meaning, but it doesn’t speak Quick about people’s dreams
and personal ambitions, but it still manages to impress everyone who listens to it and plunge
them into a state of absolute peace and hope. The song was write to launch a message of peace
against the war that was being lived in those years, but, its success was so great that it Fast
became known around the world, and all radio stations played it every day.

California Dreamin’ by The Mamas And The Papas

The Mamas and The Papas made the list of the best Songs About Dreams with their song
“California Dreamin'”, So edging out another of their hits, “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. The
inspiration for the song “California Dreamin'” came from a member of the band. John was the
one who came up with the lyrics to reflect on the longing for her home in sunny California. The
song reached the number four spot on the Hot 100 in the U.S.


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