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Best Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan in 2023

The 3 best Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023.

The production of television dramas in Pakistan has a long tradition. As a result of its shows becoming well-liked in numerous nations worldwide. Pakistani shows are renowned for their compelling narratives, engrossing characters, and stunning production values. The most well-known Pakistani dramas that have received widespread acclaim and recognition are examined in this piece. There are many top-notch dramas to choose from, and the Pakistani drama market is flourishing. Pakistan is also working on producing Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023.

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Pakistani dramas have managed to stick out as a powerhouse of creativity and content in the constantly changing world of television and entertainment. Are you looking for the best Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023? Look nowhere else! The entertainment sector in Pakistan is renowned for creating amazing dramas. They enthrall viewers with their gripping plotlines, top-notch acting, and breathtaking cinematography. 

Here are a few Dramas that you should not miss this Ramadan.

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1). “Fairy Tale”:

Looking for Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023? A 2023 Pakistani television comedic series called Fairy Tale Drama is the creation of Momina Duraid. Hamza Sohail, Sehar Khan, Ali Safina, Saleem Sheikh, Adnan Raza Mir, Aena Khan, Salma Hasan, and Tehseen Wajahat are among the ensemble members of the fairy tale drama. Along with a large number of other supporting actors. Under the auspices of MD Production, Ali Hassan directed and Sarah Majeed wrote the drama. 

The first episode of Fairy Tale Drama will broadcast on March 23, 2023, at 7:00 PM daily. The Drama Will Air on HUM TV’s Official Channel. Fairy tail seems among the best Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023. The upcoming drama series Fairy Tale has debuted its first teaser video. The young, talented cast of the drama series, which includes some of the most adaptable actors and actresses the business has ever created, makes it seem fantastic and incredibly entertaining.

DRAMA Details:

Production channel MD Production
Air time 7:00 PM daily
Director Ali Hassan
ProducerMomina Duraid
Writer Sarah Majeed
on Air Channel name HUM TV

What is the Fairy Tale drama series’ cast?

Fairy Tale is one of the best Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023. With all of the talent in the cast, it looks utterly fantastic. People around the globe have a long-standing relationship with cast members. And have high expectations of them. Thanks to this young and vibrant cast, the tale appears enjoyable. The Fairy Tale drama series’ full ensemble is listed below.

  • Hamza Sohail
  • Sehar Khan
  • Ali Safina
  • Saleem Sheikh
  • Adnan Raza Mir
  • Aena Khan
  • Salma Hasan
  • Tehseen Wajahat
  • Hina Rizvi
  • Saman Ansari
  • Amna

Who Wrote the Serial Drama?

Sarah Majeed wrote the thriller series. She is a well-known author who has produced several successful theatre serials over the years. Sarah has written drama serials like Thori Si Wafa and Main Haar Nahin Manoun Gi. And the new drama serial will bring her new notice.

Who is the film’s director?

Danish Nawaz, a veteran of the business, is the director of the drama series. Mega-popular drama serials like Kaala Doriya, Hum Tum, Dobara, Chupke Chupke, Kashf, Khaas, and others include his productions. This Ramadan you should not miss the serial “fairy tale”. It will prove the best of Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023. 

2). “Chand Tara”:

The second drama among the best Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023 is Chand Tara. In Chand Tara, a Hum TV Ramadan special drama serial, Danish Taimoor, and Ayeza Khan will at long last be seen together on television once more. The couple’s first drama appearance since their last one in Meherposh in 2020—now more than three years ago—will this one. The drama serial’s first look is unveiled, and it appears a love tale that viewers will adore for days to come. The drama series is anticipated to start during the Holy Month of Ramadan and broadcast daily throughout the rest of the month.

The first teaser for HUM TV is released on broadcast and YouTube. On the dance floor, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are seen moving around. The two of them should light up the screens with their endearing rapport. Prepare to view the newest romantic comedy starting on Ramadan Day 2023. Hopefully, another one will get added to the 2023 list of the Best Pakistani Dramas.

Drama details:

Producer MOmina Duraid
Writer Saima Akram
Director Danish Nawaz
Release time 9:00 PM
Release channel HUM TV
Production MD Production

What is the Chand Tara cast list for the drama series?

The drama serial’s ensemble appears fantastic and full of well-known actors and actresses with devoted global fan bases. Because these actors and actresses are skilled and have received a lot of positive press. The fans already have very high hopes for the story.

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan are the only characters from the drama series that we are currently familiar with. With the release of the subsequent teaser trailer, it is anticipated that we will learn more about the other ensemble members. The cast of the drama proves it one of the best Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023.

The Drama Serial: Who Produced It?

Momina Duraid is keeping a close eye on MD Production as they create the drama serial. The producing company has already created some incredible works of art. Meri Shehzadi, Kaala Doriya, Bakhtawar, Hum Tum, Sang-e-Mah, Dobara, Ishq e Laa, Qissa Meherbano Ka, and other popular songs fall under this category.

What time does the drama series air?

Hum TV will shortly begin airing the drama series. Its OST and timing will also reveal very shortly. The drama series is anticipated to broadcast on March 22, 2023.

3). “Janjal Pura”:

Janjal Pura is a Pakistani humorous television series broadcast. Har Pal Geo TV recently began airing the new Pakistani Ramadan drama Janjal Pura story 2023. The actors Imran Ashraf and Amar Khan as well as many others play minor parts in the Janjal Pura Drama. Drama Janjalpura is the creation of Saima Waseem under the auspices of 7th Sky Films, with Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi serving as directors. The first episode of the Janjal Pura Ramadan Drama will broadcast on March 2023 at 9:00. The drama will be broadcast on Har Pal Geo TV’s main channel.

Drama Details:

Director Saima Akram Chaudhary
Producer Saima Waseem
Writer Saima Akram chaudhary
Release channel Har Pal Geo TV
Production 7th Sky Entertainment
ON Air time 9:00 PM daily


  • Imran Ashraf 
  • Amar Khan 
  • And many others 

Story of the drama janjal pura 

A nice comedy on important subjects is Janjal Pura. The story of Janjal Pura proves it is one of the best Pakistani dramas to watch in Ramadan 2023. In this drama, Imran Ashraf plays the role of Hero Butt and Amar plays the role of Heer Jutt. This is a romantic series between both the hit actor and actress. They both create a good sense of humor and love in this drama. You will really enjoy it. 


 In conclusion, 2023 will still see a large audience for Pakistani shows. The advent of new technologies has increased the popularity and accessibility of these dramas. Viewers can watch the best Pakistani dramas online anywhere in the globe. The best Pakistani dramas of 2023 provide viewers with a broad range of plots and acting styles that will captivate and entertain them for hours.

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