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Top 8 Fish Pokemon in 2023

Today we will know about what are fish pokemon and top 8 beautiul of them . FishWater Pokemon are generally the most common type of Pokemon seen in the wild. They can find swimming in lakes, rivers, and oceans all over the world.

Most Water types have some water-based attacks. They used to hunt down prey and defend themselves from their enemies. These moves are usually used to trap opponents in a ball or bubble. The Water Pokemon’s sharp teeth or a powerful attack such as a Water Gun can shatter that. Their bodies can also absorb rainwater into their bodies. So they can stay hydrated while they hunt down prey. 


Does Fish Pokemon rely on Go game?

Fish Pokemon are a type of Pokemon that can use in the Pokemon GO game. They are aquatic creatures that live in water. They are usually found in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Some fish Pokemon can swim or wiggle their fins to move around. Some can even jump out of the water and attack opponents. Fish Pokemon are the most common type of Pokemon. They find in waters all over the world and have been around since the beginning. You can find them anywhere, but you will find them in bodies of water.

Fish Pokemon are often very small, but some are as big as a car. They have very long fins that help them swim through the water. Fish Pokemon also have some other features. That makes them unique compared to different types of Pokemon. 

Top 8 Fish Pokemon that live in water


Dragonite is a dragon/flying type Pokemon. It can fast, and it is also resistant to electricity and poison. Because it learn many different attacks. Such as Aerial Ace, Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, and others. It can evolve into either Garchomp or Salamence, depending on which version you play.


Gyarados are one of the most potent water types in Pokemon history. But, it is also a bit rarer than most water types because it requires trading with a friend. Who owns one to evolve into Gyarados? If you have one in your game, you should use it as your primary water type. Pokemon because it has incredible stats and movesets.


Kingdra is an extremely rare dragon/water type Pokemon that evolves from Seadra through trade for a lot more than just its evolution stone. You also need a Dragon Scale from another egg group Pokemon which leaves you with two options: either obtaining a Rare Candy from another Pokemon breeding program or trading with someone else who has one already 

Krabby fish pokemon

Krabby is a blue fish with red eyes, a blue body, and four fins. It has white teeth, one on each side of its mouth. Besides this Pokemon has a signature move in the form of Crabhammer. When used, Krabby raises one of its four pincers and slams it into the ground. This attack causes an earthquake that may put enemy Pokemon out of commission for a short time. Krabby finds in the ocean its evolution, Kingler. It can catch by fishing or using bait from other Pokemon you have caught in your party.

Golden fish Pokemon. 

There are a lot of different kinds of Pokemon that you can find in the ocean, like goldfish and seahorses. The golden fishpokemon is a species of fish that lives in the ocean. It has scales on its body, but it does not have any bones in its body.  It lives in groups of about 20 to 30 individuals and feeds. On plankton and small invertebrates in the ocean water.

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How golden fish pokemon lovely creature?

Golden fish pokemon are lovely creatures with bright yellow or orange coloration. They also have long fins that help them swim faster than other fish. They are widespread in the oceans around the world. And present almost anywhere there is water. The golden fish is a popular seafood dish in Japan. It’s served steamed or grilled and usually garnished with lettuce and ginger.

Does it known as Panama goldfish?

The golden fish is also known as the Golden Pomfret or Panama Goldfish. In addition to its golden color on its belly and sides, the fish has a golden color on its belly and sides. Its fins are black, unlike other varieties of pomfrets called “golden.”

Mr. Mime 

Mr. Mime is a psychic type fish pokemon, which means he can use his mind to manipulate objects and people. As well as reading thoughts. He’s also a master of telekinesis, able to move things with his mind alone. While it’s not the most potent attack in the game, it still has uses and is one of Mr. Mime’s signature moves.Mr. Mime is a Pokemon that can learn Psychic and is a pure psychic type. 

Psychic Pokemon in game

It is one of the most powerful Psychic Pokemon in the game. And it can defeat any other psychic Pokemon with ease. Mr. Mime has access to one of the best moves in the game, Copycat. That allows him to copy any move used on him by another Pokemon, including activities that he has already learned. Yet it makes Mr. Mime a versatile Pokemon as he can copy all types of moves and use them against his opponents. Mr. Mime also has access to Hypnosis, which causes its target to fall asleep. And lose their next turn if they hit by a damaging attack or move in battle.


Porygon is another psychic-type Pokémon that was first introduced in the first generation of games. For the Nintendo Game Boy Color. It’s been around ever since and even got its anime series in 2001. A Porygon can change form into any other Pokémon it sees, but it needs to be in its original condition. Otherwise, it will revert to its original state. After a few seconds or until it encounters a different one of its kind. It’s also infrequent for one to appear in battle!


 Cyndaquil is one of the starter Pokémon available at the beginning of every game in the series. It evolves into Quilava, starting at level 16. Cyndaquil is a Fire/Fire-type Pokémon species that appear in the Johto region. It becomes Quilava starting at level 25 and Typhlosion starting at level 50. Cyndaquil has a petite body and large feet with claws. Its head has small red eyes and a short nose with nostrils. There are three spikes on top of its head, and its lower body has small black spots.


In this article, we will be discussing the top eight fish Pokemon. These are some of the most popular and well-known Pokemon in the world, so it is only fitting that they make an appearance on our list. We will go over their abilities, stats, and tips for catching them all. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, read on to learn more about these popular fish Pokemon!

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