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songs about stars

Top 7 songs about stars

You don’t have to celebrity to listen to songs about stars or a famous person to have a celestial soul. Anyone with aspirations, goals and dreams can consider a star. Stars are humble, selfless individuals who make this world a better place. These celebrities inspire us with their music, movies and with their personality. We …

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Songs About Dreams

Top 9 Songs About Dreams

It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician or not, we all have dreams that we’d like to seecome true. There are Songs About Dreams for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fun songabout a dream or a serious song about a dream, there’s a song for you. Caught In A Dream” – Alice Cooper If …

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Black female singers

Top 7 Black female singers

In addition to rock and roll, R&B, jazz, classical music, and pop, black female singers women have influenced many genres of music. The best singers in these musical styles serve as role models. After they have ended their careers and will continue to do so. Our list of the greatest and most famous black female …

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songs about sleep

Top 12 songs about sleep

Others need some background noise to songs about sleep, some relaxing moments, or your favorite entertainment show effects that make it easier to drift off to sleep or relax. The playlist you use to fall asleep probably has your favorite songs, but they lose their effect over time. You’re in the right place if you’re …

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